A few days ago …

ImageA few days ago I volunteered at a blood drive held by several different student organizations. Going into the event I was unaware that I would feel so accomplished after volunteering only an hour of my time, but by the time I left I was completely glowing. 

I knew that by staffing the sign in table and handing out necessary medical forms I would be helping the New York Blood Center out, but I would not be physically donating blood and therefore did not think I would be making that big of an impact on my community. I quickly realized that by helping other organizations to hold a successful service event, I really was making a difference to the most important community, Rutgers University. 

I was being a leader by caring about the people and organizations around me and helping them to execute the project was an even larger accomplishment. Through this short event I learned that servant leadership is something that anyone can do by helping out their larger community and not just the organizations that they are a part of. Leaders are people who take the needs of others into account when making plans and decisions, and community service is a great way to show those around you that you care. Servant leadership involves putting others before yourself and giving back to your community, and by completing these tasks, you are inspiring others to follow in the same path. 


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