Delegation Station



Entrust (a task or responsibility) to another person, typically one who is less senior than oneself: “he delegates routine tasks”.


            As a leader, having to delegate is almost unavoidable.  In fact, it is your job to delegate either directly or indirectly and at any time.  Over the course of this Student Leadership class I’ve learned about both effective and ineffective delegation methods and why these method are effective as opposed to ineffective and vice versa.  Being able to effective delegate tasks and projects to your organizations can single handedly determine haw successful your group is going to be.  Choosing to stay discuss the effective ways to delegate, I’ve rounded up 5 ways to effective delegate.

Image1. Find out your group member’s individual interests.

“The dialogic leader initiates discussions with peers and members about what is ethical and what the material interests of individuals are.”

Komives, Susan R.; Lucas, Nance; McMahon, Timothy R. (2009-05-18). Exploring Leadership: For College Students Who Want to Make a Difference (Jossey Bass Higher and Adult Education) (Kindle Locations 3196-3197). John Wiley and Sons. Kindle Edition.

 Make an effort to find out what the members of your organizations are interested in.  not only will this allow you to get to know your group members better, but it will also help you to better understand what roles and projects that they would be good for in your organization.

2. Place your group members in roles that correlate with what they’re interested in.

“It is about delegating responsibilities based on who can do a job best. It is about recognizing team members’ talents and capitalizing on their experiences.”

Komives, Susan R.; Lucas, Nance; McMahon, Timothy R. (2009-05-18). Exploring Leadership: For College Students Who Want to Make a Difference (Jossey Bass Higher and Adult Education) (Kindle Locations 4822-4823). John Wiley and Sons. Kindle Edition

Going hand in hand with the first tip, placing your group members in roles that correlates with their interests will ensure that that aspect of the project is done to the best standard.  For example, if I love graphic design and my role in the group is to create all the visual material for our presentation, then I would not only be more excited to complete my job, but it would ensure that it was done to a better quality.

3.  Establish a balance between allowing your group to breath and supervising them. 

As the delegator, it is easy to come off to your group members as bossy and overbearing.  This is why it is important to ensure that you do the best you can to establish a balance between supervising your group members and allowing them to work without your supervision.  This one foot in, one foot out approach will make sure you know what is going on but the also that the productivity of the group is not stifled by your presence.

4.  Make them feel as if completion of their assigned task is their duty.

Another way to ensure that your delegation is effective is by making your group members feel as if the completion of their task is not only their assignment but also their duty.  Once a person believes as task is their duty as opposed to it being just another assignment, it is more likely that they will make a deeper commitment to completing it in a quality manner.

5. Celebrate their work.

Make sure to celebrate your group member’s accomplishments.  This will establish a system where everyone feels appreciated, thus heightening the chance for an even more successful project the next time.  It is important, however to make sure to recognize individually every member of the group.



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