Life at Rutgers in Ten Photos

I decided to start with this photo, which was taken right outside my work building, because I think one of the best things about the Rutgers campuses is their aesthetic quality. Sure, some places around campus may not be the most picturesque, but when you search for it, you can find some very beautiful places not too far away. I found this scene simply by looking up. However, the next photo took a little bit of hunting.

This scene is found on the other side of Route 18, opposite Deiner Park. While it may not technically be a part of Rutgers, it’s representative of Rutgers and New Brunswick’s more “edgy” side, which is definitely a part of life and culture on campus. While by some this would be seen as nothing other than vandalism, I see art that simply hasn’t found its way into the mainstream. There’s more graffiti than just this at the site, but this was my favorite shot of the area. And now for something completely different for my next photo…

This photo was taken while shooting a Gigapan panorama for my Information Visualization course last semester. I chose it because it shows the really unique, and frankly, cool opportunities I’ve had as a result of my courses, which are equally as unique and cool. Here’s a link to the resulting Gigapan:


One of the other great opportunities I’ve had on campus is meeting and listening to ESPN founder and Rutgers alumnus Bill Rassmussen speak about his experiences creating the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is just one example of the extremely diverse level of on-campus programming available to students all throughout the year, and the next photo proves this.




Rutgersfest 2010 (the concert itself) was a huge success from a programming standpoint, and the latest event provided students an opportunity to see Pitbull in concert for free. The atmosphere was fantastic and it was not much unlike a Rutgers football game in terms of the spirit on display by the students. And that is by far one of my favorite things about campus culture: the Scarlet Knight spirit.



This photo was taken at the new Barnes & Noble bookstore, and I was so excited to see it, because of reasons that I would rather not disclose on this public blog. Though the Scarlet Knight is generally associated with athletics, I believe he’s the ultimate representation of school spirit as a whole.


One of the largest components of life at Rutgers is Student Life, and what better to represent this than a photo from the ROSCARs last year? The ROSCARs is an award ceremony held to celebrate student leaders and their accomplishments at Rutgers. Student leaders from all types of organizations are represented for their events in a slew of categories. Being in OCSA and mainly mingling with directly-advised Student Life organizations gives me a different perspective on how student leaders impact the culture here on campus, but the ROSCARs showed me just how many different ways student leaders are actively affecting the lives of Rutgers students. The common denominator between all of us, I found, was community.


And there is literally no better sense of community between the most eclectic group of student leaders than at RUPA’s annual Homecoming Bed Races. What a rush that was. The sense of school spirit was phenomenal, and even though OCSA did not advance to the final rounds, it was night that I will not soon forget. Speaking of nights I will not soon forget…


This panorama was taken at, not my first football game, but at my first football game with my best friend Paul. Before this, I was only a moderate athletics fan, but it was thanks to this night that much of what has happened throughout the rest of my collegiate career actually took place. The perfect photo to represent what happened is this one, which I purposely left for last:

This photo is basically a culmination of all of what makes campus culture at Rutgers so great. Were it not for my involvement as a student leader, I would not have met any of these amazing people. Many of the students here were met through OCSA, who are all here in celebration of Rutgers spirit, and united through a sense of community, and ultimately friendship.


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