Being You Is How You Lead

What’s the point of reading blogs and watching videos about leadership? Of taking classes on leadership and doing self reflections about our own leadership. We’ve been told that these are ways for us to become better leaders, but is that actually the case?

I contend that instead of actually making us better leaders, all of these aforementioned activities actually work to make us better people. When we read of the “Twelve Ways To Be A Better Leader,” we’re not taking that information and applying it to only to the leadership positions in our life. Rather, we take what we learn and apply it to ourselves which in turn reveals itself in the different leadership roles we have.

Leadership is not a secondary aspect of our character that we can turn on and off at our choosing. It is something we carry with us at all times that, based on the situation, may show itself more in certain scenarios. For someone to attempt to develop only their leadership style is idiotic and a waste of time. Much more benefit would come by embracing the fact that how we lead is a manifestation of who we are.

So what now? If you’re feeling bad since all that work you’ve done to become a better leader has simply made you a better person, I’d say you’re a fool. Becoming a better person makes being a leader so much easier as you don’t even have to try anymore. When being a leader  stops becoming a chore and transforms into being yourself, your interactions with people will become more authentic, nervousness in stressful situations goes down, and you’ll become the greatest leader in the world. Alright, that last one I made up, but you could certainly attain that distinction some day.

Basically what I’m saying is to stop worrying about being a better leader and start being a better you. If you aren’t happy with who you are and want to change it, than just do it. Sure it’ll be difficult, and in some cases impossible to accomplish, but the journey will make you that much stronger. Anything and everything can change who you are and subsequently, how you lead.

-Luke Modzier

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