Selling Your “Why”

If by some chance you have not yet seen Simon Sinek’s video that revolves around “The Golden Circle”, you may want to watch it before reading through this post.

As I have learned from Simon Sinek, most groups and organizations do not know their “why” and most definitely do not know how to communicate that “why”. Now, I am going to take a look at three different advertisements from The Daily Targum advertising events on campus and see if these organizations were able to communicate their “why”.

Responsible Drinking Happy Hour


First, looking at the advertisement for Responsible Drinking Happy Hour, the “what” is very clear. There will be a Happy Hour that allocated 1 drink per hour to the event attendees today, December 7th, from 4 pm – 7 pm at the Cook Cafe. However, this advertisement doesn’t explain the full depths of the event, the history behind it, or why people should want to come out.  As someone who lives on the Cook campus, I know about the program that occurs on the first Friday of every month. The different Dean’s Offices on the Cook Campus put together this event to allow students the forum to come and interact with the deans, eat dinner, and have a cocktail. Clearly this program has a great history and helps foster community on campus, but I think that this advertisement does not get that message across. I think in order to make this ad more effective, they should include information about what to expect at the event. This could be a achieved by focusing on the networking opportunities that will be available at the event. The ad also did not really identify the target audience and who would benefit By communicating the importance of the networking opportunities that are available here, I think the target audience would have better understood what the event was all about and the overall ad would have been more effective.

Atrium After Hours


Next, finding out about the “Atrium After Hours” event was very exciting to me and I feel that this advertisement for it did a great job of getting across the “why” behind it. The ad asks “Want to study late at night but have nowhere to go?” Rutgers University Student Assembly is there to provide a safe study space for the student during the late night hours when the library is not yet open. Therefore, they have worked with the Rutgers Student Center to make that a reality to provide this service to Rutgers students as the semester closes out and finals begin. I think that overall RUSA did a great job of communicating their “why”. My only observation was that you needed to read through the text to find out exactly what it was. If the “why” was more prominent in the ad, the message would have been even clearer.

Free Citizenship Application Assistance


Lastly, the advertisement for the event “Free Citizenship Application Assistance” did a fair job overall explaining their message, and although they did not directly state their “why”, it is clear what their intent is behind it. They want to help immigrants be able to become citizens of the United States however, I think they could have done a better job of showing this in the overall message. I think the ad would have been effective in recruiting immigrants to come to the program in order to get assistance.  However because of the “why” being lost in the details, I do not think college students would normally understand what the message here was and would not have volunteered for the day. If the “why” was more evident in the message, more students would have felt empowered to get involved with this worth program.

After analyzing these three advertisements in The Daily Targum I find it so intriquining that the 3 different groups only delved into their “why” on a surface level. When an audience knows your motives behind an action, they are much more likely to get involved because they will feel a connection to the cause and will feel more willing to jump on board because they are finding that your beliefs and their beliefs are similar. Moving forward, I hope more organizations learn that advertising their vision and their ideals is so much more powerful than just advertising the “perks”.


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