The Rutgers Culture

From left to right, the Physics and Astronomy building (Busch Campus), the Biomedical Engineering building (Busch Campus), and Lucy Stone Hall (Livingston Campus).  These classroom buildings have given Rutgers a strong academic culture.  In fact, some of these classrooms even provide students with the opportunity to be interactive in their area of study (check out the 3rd floor of the Allison Road Classroom building if you are into cool science experiments).
photo 1This is the sign I see everyday when I am driving home. It is on the fork of Lipman Drive on Cook Campus.  This reminds that Rutgers is part of the New Brunswick community which has tremendous poverty, yet a lot of pride and hope.  The fact that the graffiti is on a university sign is very symbolic for me.  It screams that the urban and fast moving identity of the city of New Brunswick has been interwoven with the Rutgers community.

photo 3Depicted above is the REXL, which takes students from Cook/Douglass Campuses to Livingston Campus.  Rutgers has one of the best and biggest transportation systems for a university.  The buses are quick, well maintained, and safe.  In fact, Rutgers transportation offers services such as the Knight Mover to further ensure the safety of the students.  This is to counter the myth that Rutgers is in an unsafe university.  These services are continuing to improve the culture of safety at Rutgers.
blah 1On the left are the new recycling and garbage containers that Rutgers University has installed in various locations in order to encourage more recycling.  On the right are the new solar panels that cover the Yellow Lot on the Livingston Campus.  Rutgers is making strides to “Go Green.”  We are reducing the amount of disposable bottles we use, and the solar panels create up to 1.2 million dollars in energy per year.
blah 2On the top is the Livingston Student Center and on the bottom in the Douglass Campus Center.  The student centers are at the heart of the Rutgers community.  It is where students  go to grab a bite to eat, relax, or even study!  Mostly importantly, the student centers provide opportunities for students to get involved and feel Rutgers pride!
photo 17This is a picture of the Center of Alcohol Studies on Busch Campus.  Rutgers has a very strong foundation in research and is internationally recognized for it.  From archaeology to biology, Rutgers produces some of the best publications every year and is famous for making ground shattering discoveries.
photo 12This is a picture of the new Livingston Apartments on the Livingston Campus.  This picture to me represent the innovation and creativity that is present at Rutgers.  Livingston has turned from the slump to “the city” of Rutgers.  It is amazing to see how quickly this project has been completed and how new buildings and innovation has changed the image of the university.
photo 26This is a picture of Passion Puddle on Cook Campus.  This picture represents the aesthetic beauty of Rutgers.  The natural beauty of the Cook/Douglass Campuses is inspiring.
photo 27This is a picture of some of the greenhouses on Cook Campus.  Rutgers has very large ecological preserves on both Cook and Livingston Campuses.  Rutgers also grows and takes care of horses, cows, and other animals.  This has further contributed to the image of Rutgers as a “Green” college campus.
photo 20This is a picture of the Rutgers University football stadium, High Point Solutions Stadium.  This represents to me a major point of pride and involvement of Rutgers University students: athletics.  Many students take pride in Rutgers football, basketball, etc.  Since the Rutgers football team has been sensational the past few years, it has created a culture that Rutgers is more than just research and academia.
photo 25Depicted is the Scarlet Knight, doin’ his thing!  The Scarlet Knight is the manifestation of school spirit.  Furthermore, he is the symbol that often reminds students that college can be much more than just receiving an education; it can be fun and an amazing, unforgettable experience.
blah 3On the left is Jack Molenaar, the Director of Transportation Services at Rutgers University.  On the right is a recreation basketball team.  This picture is suppose to depict the various departments that Rutgers has and the many, many services the university provides to the students.  From Legal Services to the Health Centers to Career Services, Rutgers has created a culture of supporting and nurturing students to be successful in the future.
UntitledBeing a part of Student Life and OCSA has been one of the best decisions in my college career.  As a student leader, I can impact the culture at Rutgers University in many different ways.  I am an ambassador of Rutgers to my friends, family, and others.  I can initiate change in the university because of the various connections I have made throughout my college career.  Ultimately, this opportunity to be an integral part of the Rutgers community is one of the major ways in which student leaders can change the culture at Rutgers.  It is important for us as student leaders to know that the professional staff has made our concerns into their concerns, and are willing to work with us to improve Rutgers and the culture  Often times, students have a better understanding than the administration of the needs and wants of the students.  The fact that Rutgers has over 350 organizations, and some major organizations that control a lot of programming and politics on campus, shows the trust that the administration has in students and our decision-making skills.

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