New Student Orientation Changes Lives

With applications for New Student Orientation being due in a few days, I asked my good friend Sara to write up what NSO meant to her in terms of leadership. If you’re still interested, applications are available at their site here: Here is what Sara wrote:

What does it mean to be a leader? Well, the dictionary says a leader is “a guiding or directing hand”. Some would say a leader is someone who starts a movement. Others would say that a leader is someone people respect.

If you asked me before college what leadership was, I would probably reply with a generic answer that I probably copied from some prominent leader long gone. It took an amazing experience for me to realize what leadership really is.

College was hard for me. I mean, it’s hard for everyone. But, I felt like my first semester here was the hardest 3-4 months of my life. I failed a class. I spent all my time studying. When I wasn’t studying I was working. I was involved in anything on campus. I had very little motivation. I was just down. I needed something. Anything. That’s when I heard that Rutgers was looking for new summer Orientation Leaders. I applied. I was far from what I thought was qualified. Very little leadership experience. Very little confidence.

I was hired as an Orientation Leader with Rutgers University New Student Orientation in the middle of my freshman year here. I know what you’re, thinking: “Blah blah, another OL who loves their job”. Yes, I love my job. But, I’m not writing this to tell you that. I’m writing this for the people who were like me. For the people who need something. Something to make them feel better about themselves. Something to feel good about doing. Something to walk away as a better, stronger individual.

If you are like me, it’s not too late to become part of something amazing!

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