RUPA: Making you feel at home in a brand new place

Below is a post from RUPA Director Chantel about how being a member of this great organization has affected her time here in college. Enjoy!

As a junior at Rutgers, I would say that I have definitely found my niche and have established myself as a person and as a student here pretty well. Coming in as a first-year, I was totally lost and felt out of place, like most of us feel at the beginning. I originally didn’t even want to go to Rutgers, but like many things that happen in my life, everything good that happens goes without having planned or controlled it.

But here I am today, doing what I absolutely love for the Rutgers University Programming Association as Director of the Concerts & Coffeehouses committee. In high school, I knew I always wanted to work in the music industry but I was unsure of how to get there. The idea of RUPA and how they put on concerts was extraordinary to me, so I set out to be part of this organization that makes such a huge impact on the University. Being a leader in RUPA has helped shaped who I am as a whole and has opened so many doors for me. I am no longer shy in front of people and I am always confident in what I say.The way that RUPA is run by a council of students and an executive board, has allowed me to feel comfortable in expressing my thoughts and ideas without the fear of being rejected and with confidence in that I can always improve. I found out that I genuinely like connecting with people and showing them things they’ve never experienced before. Music can strengthen bonds between people in ways you can’t find elsewhere. RUPA has allowed me to take what I feel passionate about and introduce it to the rest of the student body. There are few things better than feeling such happiness and being able to share it with the people around you.

College is really scary when you first get here. RUPA has enhanced my college experience because it has provided me opportunities I would not be able to find elsewhere. I couldn’t be happier that stumbled upon the first General Interest meeting of Fall 2010 at the Busch Campus Center Multipurpose Room. I’ve made friends I know I’ll have forever but it also made settling in and feeling comfortable much easier. My goal coming to college was to meet as many people as possible and RUPA has enhanced that for me. Being a small part of something that does great things at a huge University AND having an impact yourself is a very humbling feeling.

I want other students to consider joining RUPA because it really has changed my life for the better and I would love to see that happen to others who haven’t quite found their niche yet.

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