Have a Voice in the Future of RU


When you have the opportunity to give insight on an important process like strategic planning at the university, you have got to jump in to the conversation. Don’t assume other students will go in your place, pick a date and make sure your voice is heard.

The information-gathering phase of Rutgers’ strategic planning process is well under way, and President Barchi encourages you to participate. Faculty, staff, and student surveys have already been sent. They have also begun to schedule focus group discussions, advisory group meetings, and interviews with stakeholders in Trenton and in our host communities.

As part of the process, President Barchi will hold a series of town hall meetings to talk about the process, gather input, and answer questions. All of the following town halls will be open to every member of the university community:

Thursday, March 7, 12:30 pm, Camden Campus Center, Multipurpose Room

Tuesday, March 12, 6:00 pm, Livingston Student Center, Multipurpose Room

Thursday, March 28, 3:00 pm, Rutgers Student Center, Multipurpose Room

Thursday, April 4, 1:30 pm, Rutgers-Newark Robeson Center, Rooms 255-256-257

Wednesday, April 17, 10:00 am, Douglass Campus Center, Trayes Hall

You can find a full listing of town hall meetings on the Strategic Planning website at http://universitystrategy.rutgers.edu. Your input is invaluable as we create a strategy to guide the university for the next decade and beyond.

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