Leadership at Rutgers University


Leadership at Rutgers University take many different forms.  Walking around campus you can see all these different examples from the steps of Brower to the flyers on the Scott Hall bus stop.  Some of the few examples I chose that I would like to talk about are Rutgers Athletics, Rutgers Dance Marathon, and Rutgers Student Life.  



Rutgers Athletics is one of the most sought after programs to be involved in across the country.  When you mention Rutgers outside of the state of New Jersey, football is what is immediately associated with it, then comes the research institute and multiple campuses.  Even in Rutgers Footballs’ mission statement it is mentioned how they want to create leaders.  The players are not only leaders outside of the University but also while on campus as well.  Last year at Dance Marathon, Eric LeGrand came to make an appearance to encourage all the dancers to keep up the great work and to believe. 




Dance Marathon is another organization that is all over campus.  I chose to write about this organizations student leaders because I think that talking about an organization with so many different levels of leadership and involvement is important.  Lets say you join as a Dancer your first year, then the next year you want to be a Morale Captain, then the year after that you want to be the Assistant Director for Morale, and so on.  Having organizations on campus that have different levels is vital for creating leaders because it is what give students the opportunity to grow, learn, and realize the potential they possess.  Another commonality between Rutgers Athletics and Dance Marathon is that Dance Marathons’ mission statement creating real world leadership experience is mentioned.  There seems to be a pattern emerging…





The last involvement example I am going to talk about it one very near and dear to my heart.  This is Rutgers University Student Life, how I started to get involved in my time here. I think Student Life is such an interesting example to discuss because it is such a large way to be involved. Student Life has over 500 members and can be broke up into 6 main parts; organizations, programs and events, sororities and fraternities, student centers, leadership, and media.  This give students who are involved have an insight that is not offered to those who are not.  They have a greater understanding of how involvement and involvement opportunities work.  For example, working at the information desk of the Cook Campus Center I put up the sign for New Student Orientation and applied and worked for them.  This leader to my internship  in the Leadership Office.  



Regardless of how a student gets involved, or what organization they get involved in, it is a life changing opportunity that should not be passed up in their time at Rutgers.  

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