Knowing Your “WHY”!

Simon Sinek, a world-renowned author and motivational speaker, offers an interesting take on how some companies are so successful while others are not as successful. According to Sinek, whether a company succeeds or not depends on having a reason or “why” the organization exists and communicating it to the audience properly and effectively. Various student organizations here at Rutgers advertise their upcoming events through The Daily Targum. Let’s take a look at the following ads that were placed in the Targum within the past week by a few student organizations in order to see if they are able to communicate their “why” effectively.

First Ad: Off-Campus Students' Association

Off-Campus Students’ Association

At Off-Campus Students’ Association, our “why” includes catering to off campus students and getting them involved at Rutgers in order for them to feel connected to the University community. Although this advertisement may not explicitly mention the “why” of our organization, it demonstrates what our organization strives to do. The ad describes the different positions open to off campus and commuter students to apply to in order to join the OCSA board. This allows students like myself to be very involved at Rutgers and creates a sense of belonging to the overall Rutgers community. Thus, this ad is successful at communicating the “why”
of the organization.

Rutgers University Programming Association

Rutgers University Programming Association

RUPA’s “why” involves planning various types of programs at Rutgers University for students to attend and participate in outside of school. This ad is similar to the previous as it does not explicitly state the “why” of the organization. Rather, it shows the “why” of RUPA by stating that there is a concert coming up which students can attend. Since RUPA’s “why” is stated subtly through the description of the event, this ad is successful at communicating the “why” to the students and other audience.

Rutgers University

Rutgers University

The last ad is not from a student organization but from Rutgers University strategy team. Unlike the previous ads, the following ad describes the “why” explicitly. It states the dates and times of town hall meetings coming up. In addition, it also states that students should attend in order to learn about the “university’s strategic planning process, offer input, and get questions answered”. Although the ad is from the University, not from a student organization, it is successful at communicating the “why” of the organization and this particular event.

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