A Compare and Contrast of Leadership Styles

Why are leadership styles different?

People are unique no two are the same. Similarly people take different approaches towards people and have different styles. People have different styles and approaches towards leadership.


Know Your Audience

Personally I am a part of the Greek community and the leadership style for Alpha Phi Omega tends to be more a management style of leadership. It is great for the current brotherhood. The audience that the E-board deals with consists of brothers from a previously disjointed leadership. Where brothers were not hold as accountable nor were they encouraged to show much autonomy.

This past week I did some field work sitting in on an Operation Smile meeting. The leadership in my opinion was slightly disjointed. Sadly, I found that many members were not invested to contribute ideas. The audience the Operation Smile E-board faced were with dispassionate less outgoing members who may have not felt comfortable or even wanted to contribute to the meeting and organization.

E board

The E-boards

The alpha phi omega leadership has its strengths and weaknesses. The E-board has minor communication problems between members and does not encourage too much autonomy. While autonomy for the members is welcomed it is not encouraged nor is there any program directly allowing this. Communication between the members in the E-board is decent. However, there are instances where there is no notification of big decisions or allowing everyone to collectively solve problems.

The operation smile leadership was interesting from what I could see at the meeting. First and foremost the full e-board was not actually present. As I have previously mentioned in other blog posts presentation is always key. A full E-board shows a united front and subconsciously shows that they are serious and passionate in their organization. Since not every member was present it was reasonably assumed that communication was disjointed.


The Differences

Operation Smile has a significant disjointed communication system between members of the E-Board and other members of the organization. This lack of communication to the members creates a distance that does not allow individual members to feel passionate about the organization.

From my own experience I find that when people who lead the organization are not showing the passion they have for the organization or if they do not communicate with other members to create this passion within them. I found through personal experience that the genuine lack of communication in the leaders was transparent. The text tells us the importance of communication among the organization and most important within the leadership. The leadership is responsible for so many aspects of the organization and the community that communication is a key element that cannot be ignored.

Examining these differences made me compare my current organization of Alpha Phi Omega to Operation Smile’s leadership. I found that while my organizations leadership has more communication we do not give our members a chance for autonomy. The text also stresses the importance of autonomy. A popular company called Zappos stress autonomy in there workers which makes them more passionate about their company. People rise to the occasion if they are given the opportunity.

Lastly, I found through my sit-in on this other organization that leadership styles are fundamentally different. The Operation Smile E-board diffuses information via E-mail while we give information via meetings in person so that our members here is ‘straight from the horse’s mouth.’ I found this be the main issue regarding communication.

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