Capturing RU Culture

Capturing Rutgers – our diversity, our spirit, our pride – is to build upon our traditions and values as Rutgers students. What we look for, what we expect, and the actions we take everyday are what defines our culture. Watch below as our culture comes to life in a series of photographs that have captured not only amazing memories, but the very definition of Rutgers, our culture, and the value of the student leaders who have opened so many new experiences for the student body.

Rutgers logo

The art of school spirit – an alumni generation passing the torch.                                                                                                           


The alumni base is one of the strongest in the state – and in my opinion, the country. No matter where you go, there is a good chance you will run into a fellow Rutgers grad .(seriously, I found one while abroad in Italy!) Jersey Roots, Global Reach – literally. In this picture you’ll find a generation of Rutgers students, alumni and current. We’ve created a strong culture of pride and taking care of our own, kinda like the Bruce Springsteen song! Not only do we meet in the fall to celebrate our amazing football team and the splendor of tailgating but our alumni base is there to celebrate our educational growth and the expansion of our networks. Student leaders across the university have had the opportunity to bring Rutgers Alumni back to their stomping grounds – perfect example being the Mark Conference – to spread their advice and natural Rutgers spirit. Student leaders learn from those before us and have mentored those younger than us to foster our pride and encourage the same spirit we have carried

Craving knowledge – RU students strive to learn new and exciting things each day 

arun ghandiEvery day students at Rutgers university strive for new knowledge, quenching their thirst at awesome lectures student leaders put on for the community each week. Here Arun Ghandi, Mahatma Ghandis grandson, shares inspirational stories and the wise words of his grandfather. The Rutgers Community is greeted with many opportunities to sit it on lectures from social entrepreneurship during Change makers week to the criminal justice system with Michelle Alexander at one of RUPA’s Arts and Culture events. These events are inspired by the diverse nature of interest at Rutgers. Lectures and topical discussions have become part of the culture because our student body strives to improve themselves in many facets – quenching their general interest thirst as well as their professional aptitude in attending such events.

Lending a Hand – Rutgers students take action in their community. 


One of the most amazing aspects of our student body are the actions they take every day to make our communities a better place. Students here conquer their fear of heights and take on the challenge of roofing a home for a resident who no longer was able to care for his home-financially and physically. Student leaders, in particular those who participate in Alternate Breaks and the amazing service-learning opportunities campus-wide, have made it their goal to make a positive change in the lives of those less fortunate. It is an inspiring act, one that takes valuable time (something that college students sometimes find scarce), and bravery to put yourself in a position that may not be the most comfortable. To break down the barriers of our personal fears to eliminate the every day challenges of those who cannot afford to themselves is the best experience any student leader can take advantage of.

Going Beyond our Borders – Students traveling in the Unknown


One of the biggest challenges student leaders take on is the ability to put yourself in unfamiliar situations.  In doing this you are stepping outside your comfort zone and opening new doors to yourself and your personal experience. Student Leaders do this EVERYDAY. In a large community like Rutgers – it is important for student leaders to host events that reach to such a diverse community – and therefore must be able to step outside themselves as a person and see situations from many angles. You will find four students at the edge of Rome – traveling the unknown in search for new opportunities to learn and explore what they do not know, and may not feel 100% within their comfort zone. A student leader takes this commitment and prides themselves on their ability to diversify the way which they respond and coordinate within a lively culture such as Rutgers.

Community – Coming together to celebrate our Rutgers community


If there is one thing Rutgers treasures it is our tradition and coming together to celebrate spirit and community. Here you will find Greek Life representatives pumped up and excited at the involvement fair to spread the positive word on the incredible amounts of opportunity at Rutgers. One of the biggest benefits of being a student at Rutgers is the ability to find a club or organization in whatever may interest you, and if you cannot you just make your own club and spread the word! We have so much to offer and so much we stand for that we want to share with others, and you can see that in the heavily lined walkways of College Avenue. We fill the streets of New Brunswick College Avenue with purpose, excitement, and eagerness to share our interests and hobbies with new students – getting the word out about the importance of coming together as a community and celebrating the things we cherish!

Keeping traditions alive – Students come together to support each other! 

DSCN3783 Rutgers brings the community together at major events we all look forward too. This in particular are groups of students from all different walks of life coming together to celebrate Homecoming weekend at the Bed RACES! In amazement I walked down the streets before the bedracers started their running feet to capture the supporting crowds – and how excited I was (as well as them ofcourse) that they all so eagerly jumped up and posed for pictures. Although we are well-recognized for our studies we also love celebrating community – as I say repeatedly. Student leaders always know how to show our community the importance of tradition and fun!

A Balancing Act – Finding the perfect balance of academics and game time


Coming off the last of my incredibly wise words – students at Rutgers have practiced the keen ability to balance play and academics. We are well-recognized in multiple areas of study, sports, and activity. We capture our interests and put our hearts into our studies and rest our brains at fun events all across campus. Student leaders are key players in creating friendly spaces for our students to relax amidst their rather hectic day schedules – thinking creatively to always serve the student with events they might not be able to afford or just come by on their own.

Collaboration – Coming together to create a great time for students

DSCN3979 Student leaders are really great at serving the RU community and thriving within the RU culture based on one very important factor. COLLABORATION! Given that their are so many different types of awesome clubs and organizations – it can be very easy to get lost for a student. When we come together and coordinate events – we have double the budget and double the awesome crowds of students. Here you will find RUPA at event they co-sponsored with the Zimerli Art Museum on an awesome dance help within a museum. CAN YOU IMAGINE! Dancing amongst beautiful pieces of art, dressing up and taking a trip down a couple time zones and ending up in the 20’s for a hot night out?! Well plenty of students had that opportunity – and won a couple prizes along the way too! (ahh the joys of collaboration)

Music, Dancing, and following our passions!

LOTS OF PICTURES March 2013 110

Students across the university have a plethora of different types of music they enjoy. Here at Rutgers we love to bring musical features to you, as well as bring you to musical features (broadway style!) It is an awesome feeling to bring the joys and splendor of music to large student bodies who may not always get to see the bands and musicians they want. Here is my personal student leader story. This picture was taken at the most recent Jersey Strong Benefit concert. This event was especially important because it proves two AMAZING things about the student body – 1) Students will do just about anything to enjoy a night of music they love. 2) Students are INCREDIBLY awesome when their communities are in need. We collected $200.00 AND 3 HEAPING BASKETS of food donations for communities hit hardest by superstorm sandy. The show was completely free – and they proved to be one of the best communities to be apart of by bringing out such awesome Jersey Pride! So not only does this picture capture their love of all things music – but their strength and pride in their community!


Can’t forget the amazing, Scarlet Knight! 


The Icon of Rutgers. Enough Said. 

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