Program Planning: Res Life Style


Planning programs can be challenging in any organization.  There needs to be a balance between fun and what you are actually there to do.  It helps that your organizations members usually want to be there or are at least required to be there.  With Residence Life we are not that lucky.  Programming takes on a new challenge…getting residence to attend.  This may seem like a small feat but I promise you is much more challenging then you think.  Upon reflecting over some of my programs from this past year I could not help but remember a program that was unfortunalty a complete failure.  It was a movie night that I chose to do in the main lounge.  I thought I was set, I picked an awesome movie (Mean Girls) got pizza and soda and put up posters.  I had 2 residence attend. After thinking about it I knew what the problem had been.  I chose to do this program on a Friday night.  The residence requested this movie night and I thought if I made it early enough residence would still want to come…sadly this was not the case.  Needless to say I have not had another program on a Friday.  It was tough to see my efforts be such a waste but I learned a valuable lesson in programming.  I think for the future some things I learned from this class that I could apply to programming is to not be afraid to try things and if they are not successful learn from them and be flawsome!….



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